Cute little kitten in hands at the veterinarian over white background

Emergency Pet Care

Emergencies with your pet are always frightening. The first thing to do is remain calm and give us a call at (512) 868-0175 as soon as possible.  We'll guide you through next steps and advise you on any immediate actions you need to take for your pets well-being.

If you are experiencing a pet emergency and our hospital is closed, we advise you to call one of the nearby emergency hospitals below.

Central Texas Veterinary Specialty & Emergency

4434 Frontier Trail, Austin, TX 78745
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: (512) 892-9038

Heart of Texas Veterinary Specialty Center

4434 Frontier Trail, Austin, TX 78745
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: (512) 744-4644

What Constitutes a Pet Emergency?

If your pet is displaying any of these signs, please consider it an emergency and get veterinary care right away:

  • Difficulty breathing or choking
  • Blunt-force trauma
  • Vehicle hit or crash
  • Ingestion of a foreign object
  • Profuse bleeding
  • Cannot move or stand, or pet refuses to do so.
  • Unusually cool or warm body temperature
  • Seizures
  • Unconscious
  • Excessive vomiting
  • Severe diarrhea
  • Blood in stool
  • Unable to defecate or urinate
  • Toxicity in any form (from eating chocolate to consuming poison).
    • Call the ASPCA Poison Control Hotline at (888) 426-4435 while on your way to us. Those few minutes are critical!